Our Center was established in 1957 by our late founder,  Rev. James C. Snook and our current President is Marc Macdonald

Our spiritual center is a registered charitable, non-profit organization. We are dedicated to guiding individuals of all faiths to attain their own personal attunement with their creator. We believe that through our personal experiences and development, we come to know our true spiritual identity, which completes the answers to the questions that everyone asks: “Where do we come from?  Where are we going?”  and “What is my purpose in life?” At the First Spiritual Center of Montreal, one can broaden one’s spiritual awareness through the awakening of self, knowing that the spirit lives after the transition called ‘death’ and that communication with spirit takes place through the potential of mediumship.  After some 60 years of existence, our Center continues to:

  • Provide a welcoming environment where persons of all races and creeds may safely study, learn and grow spiritually, individually as well as collectively;
  • Promote self-development for the balance of daily living;
  • Encourage all people to discover their human potentials and values leading to the discovery of their own divine natures;
  • Provide a quiet environment where each one can learn and practice meditation techniques. Offer classes in personal development, spiritual development, metaphysics and healing to bring alignment to body, mind and soul;
  • Provide a place where practicing gifted individuals give voluntarily of their unique gifts in order to convey the unconditional love, truth, compassion and encouragement available to all human beings;
  • Make available the wisdom of all the Masters and teachers who convey love for all forms of life and recognize the expression of divinity in all living things.