Vision & Mission/ Code of Conduct

Our Vision

  • We believe that spirit is the base of all life.
  • That all life is ONE, which is the unity of consciousness expressed in diverse forms.
  • That life is continuous after the transition called death.

Our Mission

  • To explore the greater mysteries of the soul for self-growth, self-illumination and self-realization.
  • To encourage people to realize that we are all Divine spiritual beings having an earthly experience.
  • To help individuals of all faiths find harmony with their creator, through personal experience and development that help discover one’s true spiritual identity and that explore the answers to the universal questions that have called out to us since the beginning of time: “Where do we come from?… Where are we going?…  What is my purpose in life?”

Our Goal

  • To build a fountain of spiritual truth.
  • To teach that we all come from the same Divine Consciousness and within this consciousness we are Divine energy being.
  • To support each other in the realization that humanity is ONE Global Family.








  1. Overview


The Seven Fundamental Principles of Spiritualism provide the basic foundation as a religion, philosophy and science, and therein the parameters under which an FSCM’s worker must adhere to when representing themselves as a Spiritualist.


The 7 Principles of the Spiritualist Church of Canada, adopted by the FSCM are:

  1. Infinite Spirit, Divine Creator of All That Is
  2. Unity and Equality for All
  3. Communication, Guidance and Healing from Spirits and Angels
  4. Continuous Existence of the Soul and its’ Personality
  5. Personal Responsibility for the Creation of our Reality through Thought, Word and Deed
  6. Actions create Results according to Natural Law
  7. Eternal Progress open to every Soul.


  1. Procedural Details


Principles – Workers are required to:


  1. a) Uphold and maintaining the Seven Principles, promote and support the work of the FSCM.
  2. b) At all times, when representing Spiritualism conduct themselves in a manner respectful of the Seven Principles.


General Conduct – Workers will:


  1. a) At all times, act with honesty, integrity, and diligence;
  2. b) Contribute to a positive and healthy environment for all people involved in the spiritualist movement;
  3. c) Discharge all duties with integrity and strive towards attaining a high standard of professional decorum;
  4. d) Respect the confidentiality of personal and privileged information;
  5. e) Abide by the laws of Canada, as well as those of the province in which they reside and/or operate, and expect no support from the FSCM if they willingly or recklessly contravene such laws;



  1. f) Except with authorization, ensure that actions do not result in financial or other liability for the FSCM;
  2. g) Work collaboratively with other workers of the FSCM and other spiritual organizations around the world.


Workers/members Relationship:


The relationship between workers and the members requires that the workers understand their unique position of authority and perceived power. Workers have a duty of care and responsibility to ensure that members are treated with dignity and respect.


When providing service, workers are required to:


  1. a) Treat members and attendance in a manner that maintains dignity and respects their beliefs, culture, customs and habits;
  2. b) Provide assistance within their recognized capacity to do so and not beyond the scope of the training that is offered by the FSCM;
  3. c) Understand the client’s vulnerability and act accordingly;
  4. d) Provide assistance regardless of race, colour, national or ethnic origin, language, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, physical characteristics, political opinions or other ground of discrimination prohibited under applicable provincial and federal laws or tenets of Spiritualism;
  5. e) Respect the privacy of information being shared with respect to his or her personal information, image and property.



Breaches Regarded as Serious Misconduct:


The following behaviour or actions are considered serious acts of misconduct:


  1. a) Action or speech that is humiliating, neglectful, dishonest, threatening, abusive, bullying, exploitive, illegal, sexist or racist, seductive or sexually uncalled-for, condescending;
  2. b) Exercising any professional activity without valid certification(s) and proof of insurance;
  3. c) Engaging in, or being associated with, any business or activity that is, or may be, in conflict with the interests of the FSCM.
  1. Proof of Compliance


All workers with the FSCM are required to sign the Code of Conduct every year unless this document is revised or there is reasonable cause to revisit this signed document before that time. The FSCM will keep their copy in a secure location at their head office.