Channeling by Mario Raby on November 13, 2016

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Channeling by Mario Raby on November 13, 2016

ASHMAR (multiple cousciousnesses) Channeling by Mario Raby on November 13, 2016 at the 1st Spiritual Center of Montréal

We greet you all.

We are happy to have the opportunity to come and share with you our vibrational qualities so that you can in turn make us enjoy yours.

The combination of our vibrations from ethereal planes with those you convey in the earth plane allows the planetary energy to benefit from a spiritual wave that helps to facilitate its elevation in the dimensional planes.

Understand that you are spiritual beings chosen and loved above all else, because of the voluntary work you have undertaken. It will facilitate the Ascension of your planet within the galaxy. Your beloved sphere thanks you.

We are of multiple consciousnesses joined in a bundle that channels through the one who has offered himself for our Universal Cause.

Your individual powers are currently highly valued by the Brotherhood of Angels, Archangels, Guides and Volunteers in the ascensional structure.

From this sphere, each of your personal efforts adds to the ascensional quality, not only of your individualities, but also of your planetary host.

Each time you open yourself to let invade your physical organism with your Essential Identity (which you have called Christ), you

are giving the terrestrial organism an ascended vibrational frequency. You are contributing to the flight of this sphere.

We wanted to remind you that your earthly task, although individual, is, at the level of the Soul, of the Source, a collective task that does not manage so much your individual progressions as the ascensional progression of the planetary sphere. And of course, this planetary ascent envelops you in its vortex, its vortex elevator, so that you, individually, can access your best places within the United Consciousness.

We therefore suggest that you try in your human consciousnesses to reach as much as possible your Common Universal Consciousness in order to carry out each of your commitments.

This is simply to say that the more you will manage to love yourself and love one another; the more you will carry out this privileged task for which you have applied and for which you have honorably been chosen, the more rapidly you will transcend the heaviness of the third dimension.

We recognize your greatness, we recognize your courage. We are amazed by your unified wills.

Each obstacle your human consciousness crosses to access your Unified Consciousness leaves an indelible mark in the best crystallized memory of your planetary sphere. It will be forever recorded in this mineral library that composes the structure of your Mother-Sphere.

Your physical bodies from this Mother-Sphere have harmoniously combined with your most luminous, wise, loving and organized Christic identities.

And whenever your physical, emotional and mental structures, are conjugated to your spiritual body; each time your terrestrial structure concedes to your spiritual one the entire control;

whenever you do that, driven by this desire for Unconditional Love (that only seeks love and peace); the whole galactic structure shivers and rejoices in your efforts.

We can support you in your wills of accession to this ascent. But only you, individually, have the power to access it and set in motion this ascension.

Do not let yourself be deceived by the illusions of spatio-temporal appearances that you call your time, your civilizations. Your time and your civilizations are only reflections; an illusion of reality; an illusion of the immutable Truth.

This is why we tell you that even if apparently, everything seems to go wrong, only you, deep down in your hearts have control over the harmonization of external spatio-temporal planes.

Establish harmony, peace, joy and love in your hearts and minds and in doing so, transform your apparent realities by electromagnetic influence.

We greet you. We transfuse in you our lights, our enthusiasms and our perfect serenity.

Thank you for your attentive listening. ASHMAR
chanelled by Mario Raby
(lenght: 18minutes 50 secondes)

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